Fox Hollow Farms

Today, Fox Hollow Farms has returned to raising the Charolais cattle that treated our family so well over the years. Our focus is on building a herd of sound, functional cattle.

The foundation females all have something in common, a certain look that defines the 21st Century Charolais female. This look starts with phenotype and blends in soundness, performance, udder quality and maternal ability. Trait leading or breed leading Expected Progeny Differences have been stressed to produce highly marketable Charolais seedstock.

Our females have to be able to produce on limited inputs, as production costs rise. Grid Maker and Wyoming Wind genetics are the predominant sire lines in these foundation ladies, due in part to their ability to combine multiple traits so well. Top-sellers from production sales and dispersal sales have been added to the donor herd, and some of the breed’s top sires have been used in our AI and ET programs.

We have also purchased several embryo packages, from premier breeders across the country, designed to create more females with proven genetics.

Several of these foundation females will be mated to the same bulls to create closely related female families. It is our belief that those foundation females have to be the exact package we’re looking for, and we can make significant progress in the breeding program with groups of half sisters.

Call and set up an appointment, we would be glad to show you our herd of foundation females, we’re proud of their consistency.